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Weapons List

Last updated on 4 months ago
TRoNSuper Admin
Posted 4 months ago

Amprex (Energy Lab)

Arca Plasmor (Energy Lab)

Argonak (Chem Lab)

Astilla (Market)

Attica (Tenno Lab)

Arca Plasmor (Energy Lab)

Battacor (Energy Lab)

Baza (Tenno Lab)

Boar (Drop from Drekar Troopers)

Boar Prime

Boltor (Market) - Needed for Boltace

Boltor Prime

Braton (Market)

Braton Prime

Braton Vandal (Elite Sanctuary Onslaught)

Burston (Market)

Burston Prime

Buzlok (Chem Lab)

Cernos (Market) - Needed for Mutalist Cernos

Cernos Prime

Convectrix (Energy Lab)

Corinth (Market)

Daikyu (Tenno Lab)

Dera (Energy Lab)

Dera Vandal (Invasions)

Dex Sybaris (Yearly Anniversary reward)

Drakgoon (Market) - Needed for Zarr

Dread (Dropped from Stalker)

Exergis (Market)

Ferrox (Energy Lab)

Flux Rifle (Energy Lab)

Glaxion (Energy Lab)

Gorgon (Dropped by Heavy Gunners, Arid Heavy Gunners, and Grineer Wardens.)

Gorgon Wraith (Razorback Armada event.)

Grakata (Market) - Needed for Twin Grakatas

Grinlok (Chem Lab)

Harpak (Market)

Hek (Market)

Hema (Bio Lab)

Hind (Market)

Ignis (Chem Lab)

Ignis Wraith (Chem Lab - Only for clans who came in the top 10% of The Pacifism Defect event. Ask in trade chat for blueprint, most people will give you one for free, if they try to charge plat, tell them to get to fuck.)

Javlok (Chem Lab)

Karak (Market)

Karak Wraith (Invasions)

Kohm (Market)

Lanka (Energy Lab)

Latron (Market) - Needed for Tiberon

Latron Prime

Latron Wraith (Invasions)

Lenz (Energy Lab)

Miter (Dropped from Exta, Ceres by Lech Kril and Captain Vor) - Needed for Panthera.

MK1-Braton (Market)

MK1-Paris (Market)

MK1-Strun (Market)

Mutalist Cernos (Market)

Mutalist Quanta (Bio Lab)

Nagantaka (Market)

Ogris (Chem Lab)

Opticor (Energy Lab)

Panthera (Market - Requires the Hikou and Miter)

Paracyst (Bio Lab)

Paris (Market)

Paris Prime

Penta (Market)

Phage (Bio Lab)

Phantasma (Market)

Prisma Gorgon (Baro Ki'Teer)

Prisma Grakata (Baro Ki'Teer)

Prisma Tetra (Baro Ki'Teer)

Quanta (Energy Lab)

Quanta Vandal (Baro Ki'Teer)

Quartakk (Ghoul Purge Bounties, or dropped by Ghouls.)

Rakta Cernos (Red Veil)

Rubico (Market)

Rubico Prime

Sancti Tigris (New Loka)

Scourge (Tenno Lab)

Secura Penta (Perrin Sequence)

Simulor (Cephalon Simaris)

Snipetron (Event reward for completing certain events.)

Snipetron Vandal (Invasions)

Sobek (Market)

Soma (Market)

Soma Prime

Stradavar (Market)

Strun (Market)

Strun Wraith (Invasions)

Supra (Energy Lab)

Supra Vandal (Baro Ki'Teer)

Sybaris (Tenno Lab)

Sybaris Prime

Synapse (Bio Lab)

Synoid Simulor (Cephalon Suda)

Telos Boltor (Arbiters of Hexis)

Tenora (Tenno Lab)

Tetra (Market)

Tiberon (Market) - Requires Latron.

Tigris (Market)

Tigris Prime

Tonkor (Market)

Torid (Bio Lab)

Vaykor Hek (Steel Meridian)

Vectis (Market)

Vectis Prime

Veldt (Tenno Lab)

Vulkar (Market)

Vulkar Wraith (Baro Ki'Teer)

Zarr (Market) - Requires Drakgoon

Zenith (Log-in reward)

Zhuge (Market)


Acrid (Bio Lab)

Afuris (Market) - Requires 2 X Furis

Akbolto (Market) - Requires 2 X Bolto

Akbolto Prime

Akbronco (Market) - Requires 2 X Bronco

Akbronco Prime - Requires 2 X Bronco Prime

Akjagara (Market) - Requires Akbolto and Dual Skana

Akjagara Prime

Aklato (Market)

Aklex (Market) - Requires 2 X Lex

Aklex Prime - Requires 2 X Lex Prime

Akmagnus (Market) - Requires 2 X Magnus

Aksomati (Market) - Requires Akstiletto

Akstiletto Prime

Akstiletto (Tenno Lab) - Needed for Aksomati.

Akvasto (Market) - Requires 2 X Vasto

Akvasto Prime

Akzani (Market)

Angstrum (Market)

Arca Scisco (Energy Lab)

Atomos (Market) - Needed for Twin Basolk.

Azima (Log-in reward)

Ballistica (Market)

Ballistica Prime

Bolto (Market) - Needed for Akbolto

Brakk (Dropped by The Grustrag Three)

Bronco (Market) - Needed for Akbronco

Bronco Prime - Needed for Akbronco Prime.

Castanas (Tenno Lab)

Cestra (Market) - Needed for Dual Cestra

Cycron (Energy Lab)

Despair (Stalker)

Detron (Zanuka)

Detron Mara (Baro Ki'Teer)

Dex Furis (Warframe's yearly anniversary reward)

Dual Cestra (Energy Lab) - Requires 2 X Cestra .

Dual Toxocyst (Bio Lab)

Embolist (Bio Lab)

Euphona Prime

Furis (Market) - Needed for Afuris.

Fusilai (Market)

Gammacor (Market) - Needed for Heliocor.

Hikou (Market) - Needed for Panthera.

Hikou Prime

Hystrix (Market)

Knell (Market)

Kohmak (Chem Lab) - Needed for Twin Kohmak

Kraken (Market) - Needed for Kulstar

Kulstar (Market) - ^ What that said

Kunai (Market) - Needed for Tipedo

Lato (Market) - Needed for Bolto

Lato Prime (Founders-exclusive weapon.)

Lato Vandal (Elite Sanctuary Onslaught)

Lex (Market) - Needed for Aklex

Lex Prime - Needed for Aklex Prime

Magnus (Market) - Needed for Akmagnus

Marelok (Chem Lab)

MK1-Furis (Market)

MK1-Kunai (Market)

Nukor (Chem Lab)

Ocucor (Energy Lab)

Pandero (Market)

Plinx (Market)

Pox (Bio Lab)

Prisma Angstrum (Baro Ki'Teer)

Prisma Twin Gremlins (Baro Ki'Teer)

Pyrana (Tenno Lab)

Pyrana Prime

Rakta Ballistica (Red Veil)

Sancti Castanas (New Loka)

Secura Dual Cestra (Perrin Sequence)

Seer (Captain Vor on Tolstoj, Mercury.)

Sicarus (Market)

Sicarus Prime

Sonicor (Market)

Spectra (Energy Lab)

Spira (Market)

Spira Prime

Staticor (Energy Lab)

Stubba (Reward from performing special Ghoul Purge Bounties, or dropped by Ghouls.)

Stug (Market)

Synoid Gammacor (Cephalon Suda)

Talons (Tenno Lab)

Telos Akbolto (Arbiters of Hexis.)

Twin Grakatas (Market) - Needs more Daka - And 2 X Grakata

Twin Gremlins (Lech Kril and Captain Vor, on Exta, Ceres. )

Twin Kohmak (Kela De Thaym)

Twin Rogga (Market)

Twin Vipers (Market) - Requires 2 X Viper

Twin Vipers Wraith (Invasions)

Tysis (Market)

Vasto (Market) - Needed for Akvasto

Vasto Prime

Vaykor Marelok (Steel Meridian)

Viper (Market) - Needed for Twin Vipers

Viper Wraith (Baro Ki'Teer)

Zakti (Energy Lab)



Ack & Brunt (Chem Lab)

Amphis (Market) - Needed for Sydon

Anku (Tenno Lab)

Ankyros (Market) - Needed for Tekko

Ankyros Prime

Arca Titron (Market)

Atterax (Market)

Bo (Market) - Needed for Tipedo

Bo Prime

Boltace (Market) - Requires Boltor and Kronen

Broken Scepter (Quest Reward)

Broken War (Quest Reward)

Cassowar (Tenno Lab)

Caustacyst (Bio Lab)

Ceramic Dagger (Alerts)

Cerata (Bio Lab)

Cobra & Crane (Market)

Cronus (Dropped by Vor on Tolstoj, Mercury only)

Dakra Prime

Dark Dagger (Alerts)

Dark Split-Sword (Despite what the Wiki says, it's in the Tenno Lab, not available for credits from the Market - requires dual skana)

Dark Sword (Alerts)

Destreza (Market)

Destreza Prime

Dex Dakra (Warframe's yearly anniversary reward)

Dragon Nikana (Market) - (requires Nikana)

Dual Cleavers (Market) - Needed for Ripkas

Dual Ether (Market)

Dual Heat Swords (Market)

Dual Ichor (Bio Lab)

Dual Kamas (Market) - Needed for Dual Raza

Dual Kamas Prime

Dual Keres (Market)

Dual Raza (Tenno Lab - requires Dual Kamas)

Dual Skana (Market) - Needed for Akjagara, Redeemer and Dark Split-Sword

Dual Zoren (Market) - Needed for Twin Basolk

Endura (Tenno Lab)

Ether Daggers (Quest reward)

Ether Reaper (Market)

Ether Sword (Market)

Falcor (Energy Lab)

Fang (Market)

Fang Prime

Fragor (Market)

Fragor Prime

Furax (Market) - Needed for Knux

Furax Wraith (Bounties on Cetus)

Galatine (Market)

Galatine Prime

Galvacord (Market)

Gazal Machete (Tenno Lab)

Glaive (Alerts)

Glaive Prime

Gram (Market)

Gram Prime

Guandao (Tenno Lab)

Gunsen (Tenno Lab)

Halikar (Market)

Hate (Dropped by Stalker)

Heat Dagger (Alerts)

Heat Sword (Alerts)

Heliocor (Cephalon Simaris)

Hirudo (Market) - Requires Kogake

Jat Kittag (Chem Lab)

Jat Kusar (Chem Lab)

Jaw Sword (Alerts)

Kama (Market) - Needed for Dual Kamas

Karyst (Market)

Kesheg (Chem Lab)

Kestrel (Market)

Kogake (Market) - Needed for Hirudo

Kogake Prime

Kreska (Energy Lab)

Krohkur (Market)

Kronen (Market) - Needed for Boltace

Kronen Prime

Lacera (Tenno Lab)

Lecta (Market)

Lesion (Market) - Requires Tipedo, which itself requires Kunai and Bo

Machete (Log-in reward)

Machete Wraith (Baro Ki'Teer)

Magistar (Market) - Needed for Sibear

Mios (Bio Lab)

Mire (Market)

MK1-Bo (Market)

MK1-Furax (Market)

Nami Skyla (Tenno Lab)

Nami Skyla Prime

Nami Solo (Market)

Nikana (Tenno Lab) - Needed for Dragon Nikana

Nikana Prime

Ninkondi (Market) - Needed for Shaku

Obex (Market)

Ohma (Market)

Okina (Tenno Lab)

Orthos (Market)

Orthos Prime

Orvius (Quest reward for blueprint/Cephalon Simaris - Kuva Guardians to drop pieces)

Pangolin Sword (Alerts)


Plasma Sword (Alerts)

Prisma Dual Cleavers (Baro Ki'Teer)

Prisma Obex (Baro Ki'Teer)

Prisma Skana (Baro Ki'Teer)

Prova (Energy Lab)

Prova Vandal (Baro Ki'Teer)

Pupacyst (Bio Lab)

Rakta Dark Dagger (Red Veil)

Reaper Prime

Redeemer (Market)

Redeemer Prime

Ripkas (Market) - Requires Ankyros and Dual Cleavers

Sancti Magistar (New Loka)

Sarpa (Market) - Requires Akstiletto

Scindo (Market)

Scindo Prime

Scoliac (Bio Lab)

Secura Lecta (Perrin Sequence)

Serro (Energy Lab)

Shaku (Tenno Lab) - Requires Ninkondi

Sheev (Invasions)

Sibear (Market) - Requires Magistar

Sigma & Octantis (700 days log-in reward)

Silva & Aegis (Tenno Lab)

Silva & Aegis Prime

Skana (Market)

Skana Prime (Founders-exclusive weapon)


Sydon (Chem Lab) - Requires Amphis

Synoid Heliocor (Cephalon Suda)

Tekko (Market) - Requires Ankyros

Telos Boltace (Arbiters of Hexis)

Tipedo (Market) - Requires Kunai and Bo, and also is itself required to build Lesion

Tonbo (Market)

Twin Basolk (Market) - Requires Dual Zoren and Atomos

Twin Krohkur (Chem Lab) - Requires 2 X Krohkur

Vaykor Sydon (Steel Meridian)

Venka (Tenno Lab)

Venka Prime

Volnus (Market)

War (Drops from Stalker) - Requires Broken War

Zenistar (300 day log-in reward)

Archwing weapons, including where to get main blueprint. Most are from the market unless otherwise stated.





Dual Decurion.

Fluctus. - Tenno Lab

Grattler. - Chem Lab

Imperator. - Automatically given to players after completion of an Odonata Archwing.

Imperator Vandal. - Fomorian Sabotage event.


Knux. - Chem Lab



Prisma Veritux. - Baro Ki'Teer


Velocitus. - Tenno Lab

Veritux. - Automatically given to players after completion of an Odonata Archwing.
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